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Sustainable Parenting Tips


Let’s be real – when it comes to trying to live more sustainably and minimise our negative impact on the planet, it’s all about doing the best we can, when we can. The following are some ideas that our WaterWipes’ parents have done to help them raise their baby more sustainably. Whether or not you try one of them, or even all, we hope they provide a little bit of inspiration as you prepare for your little one’s arrival.

Reusable nappies

While reusable nappies might not be realistic to use all the time, even switching just one nappy a day to a reusable one can make a difference. The more reusable nappies you use, the more disposable ones you save from sitting in a landfill and not breaking down.

Secondhand clothing and toys

With babies growing out of the clothing so quickly, there’s no shortage of gorgeous second-hand clothing available. Not to mention, you can always find the cutest one-of-a-kind pieces when you hit your local op shop or online marketplace! With a quick clean, secondhand clothing and toys are just as good as new ones.

Quality over quantity

High-quality baby furniture and other essentials might be a bit more expensive right now, but well-made pieces will last so much longer. If you’re planning to grow your family further, good-quality pieces will stand the test of time for all your babies.

Biodegradable wipes

We know that in life’s messier moments, reusable sometimes isn’t realistic but biodegradable can be just as good. Biodegradable wipes won’t clog up landfills by never decomposing, while still being effective. The team at WaterWipes spent plenty of time perfecting our biodegradable wipes so that they are just as gentle on baby’s skin and just as great at cleaning up messes, while also being kind to the planet.

No matter how you prepare for the arrival of your baby, focus on doing what you can with what you have. Nobody expects you to be perfect in any way, but just trying to make smaller changes to be more sustainable can make big differences.