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WaterWipes midwife Claire

This month, WaterWipes® Midwife Claire is answering all of your questions on prematurity

Premature birth can be a very overwhelming topic for both new parents and parents-to-be. In the lead-up to World Prematurity Day (17th November), parents submitted questions to our WaterWipes® Midwife, Claire on the topic of prematurity.

Corrected age, neonatal units and causes of premature delivery were just some of the topics that came through to Claire in your questions this month. Watch as she explains possible causes and talks through what to expect if your newborn needs to go to the Neonatal Unit.

frequently asked questions.

WaterWipes® Midwife, Claire, helps to educate and prepare you for what to expect if you experience premature labour.

Below we share the answers to the most commonly asked questions of the series:

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We have compiled the most commonly asked questions and we have endeavored to provide answers that cover the most frequently asked.