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A baby crying out for their pregnant mother.

beating the heat when you’re pregnant: summer tips for mums to be

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The combination of warmer climes and longer days bring with them a sense of fun, freedom and spontaneity. For many of us, it’s one of the best things about summer.
If you’re pregnant in the summer however, things can feel a little different. Because while summer days can still be a joy, struggling with an uncomfortable body temperature – with a big bump – often isn’t.
But that doesn’t mean you should let the heat dampen your social plans. Below are some tips to help you enjoy a fun-filled season full of fruity mocktails and floaty dresses (made from breathable fabrics, of course).

Tips for staying cool in the summer

Always carry a fan

‘I was on the train on a late summer day, and the heat was suddenly so unbearable it felt like my face was burning and I was going to be sick,’ says Cat, mum to Alfie, 1. ‘I had a scrap of paper in my bag which I folded into a concertina and manically fanned myself with, but luckily the woman next to me had a hand-held fan, which she lent me. I’ve never been so grateful!’

Stay hydrated

When the forecast tells you it'll be a glorious day, be sure to never leave the house without a bottle of water. Feeling too hot during pregnancy can be really uncomfortable, so you need to be able to cool yourself straight away, as soon as necessary. Treat yourself to a vacuum water bottle to enjoy ice-cold water on the move.

See if your employer allows flexible hours

Commuting in the heat is hard enough for anyone; if you can avoid it while pregnant, then do.

‘There is nothing worse than a hot, jam-packed train when you’re pregnant!,’ says Anna, mum of three. ‘The heat is bad enough but the total lack of ventilation really brings out everyone’s body odours too!’

If you are employed, consider speaking to your manager about working flexible hours, to beat the rush.

Stick to the shade where possible

Hot weather or a heatwave can be really uncomfortable when you’re pregnant, and in extreme cases lead to dehydration, fatigue, and even heatstroke. So it’s important to find ways of keeping cool when pregnant. Try to stick to the shade as much as possible. Consider investing in a parasol or wide-brimmed sun hat – extra shade for you and a super-chic summer look.