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A parents sitting up together on a bed with their newborn baby

the crowdsourced gift guide for mums on mother’s day

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When there’s a new baby or toddler in the house, other responsibilities often tend to get overlooked. Keeping on top of the washing, for example, becomes mission impossible when you’re at the beck and call of a little one. And don’t even get us started on the hoovering!

Keeping on top of the washing, for example, becomes mission impossible when you’re at the beck and call of a little one. And don’t even get us started on the hoovering!

Something else that often gets overlooked in these early years is what an amazing job the mum is doing. And that’s a concern, because feeling underappreciated can be hard at times emotionally.

Thank goodness then for Mother’s Day. It’s the perfect opportunity to show the mum in your life they are loved and valued. They’ll feel great, you’ll feel great and it doesn’t have to be expensive. A simple gesture to a mum whether on behalf of a baby or a family member/friend will ensure they feel like the one in a million they are.

Here are a few Mother’s Day gift ideas for anyone who knows an amazing mum.

A Simple Card

When it comes to Mother’s Day and new mums, it truly is the thought that counts. A Mother’s Day card (either bought or made) shows a busy mum that she’s valued and cherished – by both the baby and you. Just the fact that you’ve remembered will mean the world.

“Mother’s Day has always been really important to my own mother, so when my first one arrived, she presented me with a handmade card that my daughter had crayoned on,” says Caroline, mum to Elsie, 1. “I couldn’t help it, I cried.”

Handmade Tokens

Another gesture that doesn’t cost the earth but will mean so much is a handmade token, whether it’s for a shoulder rub or a promise to babysit.

“On my first Mother’s Day, my sister made me a voucher saying: ‘In Honour Of You Being A Brilliant Mum, IOU Two Hours Of Babysitting.’ She kept her word too, and my husband and I got some precious time to ourselves,” says Gem, mum to Zeeshan, 2.


When it comes to Mother’s Day nothing says “you’re amazing” like a bouquet of flowers. The beautiful colours and gorgeous scent are guaranteed to brighten even the bleakest mood. For bonus smiles, present them to the mum in your life with a big box of their favourite chocolates.

“I know it’s not very original but give me a bunch of flowers on Mother’s Day and I’m happy,” says Naz, mum to Kendra, 3, and Alex, 1.

Breakfast in Bed

Anything that gives a new mum some time to herself will be greatly appreciated. And if it’s super tasty, even better. Depending on your culinary skills, you could tryingtry making eggs benedict – but scrambled eggs on toast will be just as appreciated we’re sure. And for the perfect finishing touch, try adding a flower in a glass to the breakfast tray.

“Every Mother’s Day, my husband and son let me have a lie-in, then bring me tea and marmite on toast in bed. For me, that’s better than any spa day,” says Amy, mum to Sam, 4.

Pamper Pack

One thing lots of new mums crave is ‘me time’. This Mother’s Day, why not put together a pamper pack. While mum relaxes in the bath with a face mask and a scented candle, you could be on nappy, feeding or bedtime duty. You’ll be amazed at the difference just one hour of alone time can make to a mum’s wellbeing.

“For my first Mother’s Day, I got to have a 45-minute bath while my best friend looked after my daughter. After eight months of showering in 60 seconds or under, it was the most amazing feeling,” says Eloise, mum to Cecile, 2.”

You don’t have to wait until Mother’s Day to show the mum in your life you care. The WaterWipes Parenting Community page is full of articles designed to make the early years easier, and plenty more crowdsourced advice including real talk and inspiration from mums to mums.